Unsere englischsprachige IPv6 Video on Demand-Einführungsschulung “IPv6 Essentials – Foundations of the new Internet Protocol” steht auf dem Portal “Udemy” zur Verfügung und hat bereits über 500 Teilnehmer aus mehr als 70 Ländern begeistert.

Über diesen Link (oder den Voucher-Code PN2015) können Sie sich mit 20% Rabatt für die Schulung anmelden.

Das Seminar gibt einen kompletten Überblick über IPv6 und kann eine gute Basis darstellen, wenn Sie sich in die Thematik einarbeiten möchten.
Udemy als Portal bietet die Möglichkeit, die Videos jederzeit zuhause, am Arbeitsplatz und unterwegs auf allen gängigen mobilen Geräten in HD-Qualität anzusehen.

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IPv6 is not only the future of networking, it is already here today! All the big players on the Internet are already IPv6 enabled and it is now time for you to join the party!

Apart from the Internet, all other networks – from corporate to your home network – also run IP and are affected by the change that is happening right now as you read this!

This course covers all major aspects of the new Internet Protocol and what changed, compared to IPv4. You will understand the fundamentals and be ahead of your peers that are still on the sinking ship of IPv4! As of today, there are no IPv4 addresses left and we have no other option but to go ahead and deploy IPv6.

Your trainer has 14 years of experience deploying, engineering and running IPv6 and you will directly benefit from this!

The course is divided into 8 topics and spans over 31 videos with a combined length of more than 2 hours. Additionally over 50 PDF documents for quick reference and review are provided for your convenience.

The length of the training is optimised for a quick look into IPv6, covering everything you need to know and without getting too much into details that you don’t need to know today.

Enjoy – and welcome to the future of networking!