Volker D. Pallas

I am Volker D. Pallas,
Lead Network Consultant. With 20+ Years in WAN, BGP & IPv6.

Today I am Specializing in Internet Transit & Peering, Enterprise WAN Solutions & Provider Selection. I provide global consulting & engineering services to my large Enterprise and Service Provider clients.

Peering & Transit

Explore the realm of Peering & Transit, a section dedicated to advanced network engineers seeking to elevate network performance through strategic interconnections and traffic management.

As an enterprise & service provider consulting expert, I provide in-depth analysis and guidance on optimizing direct network relationships and navigating the intricacies of peering and transit agreements. This category is designed to empower you with the knowledge to reduce operational costs, enhance data transfer speeds, and achieve superior efficiency.


Discover the essentials of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), a critical foundation for network engineers aiming to master the art of global internet routing.

In this specialized section, I offer a comprehensive overview of BGP’s role in shaping the internet’s infrastructure, focusing on its strategic application for optimizing routing decisions, enhancing network reliability, and securing internet pathways.

Through detailed insights and professional guidance, you’ll gain the expertise required to navigate complex BGP configurations, address challenges in network scalability, and implement robust security measures.


Discover the future of internet networking with my dedicated IPv6 section, tailored for experienced network engineers who are ready to embrace the next current generation of the Internet Protocol.

As an enterprise consulting authority, I offer comprehensive insights and strategic advice on transitioning to, implementing, and optimizing IPv6 within your network infrastructure. This category is crafted to guide you through the complexities of IPv6 adoption, addressing scalability, security enhancements, and the direct impact on network performance.