IPv6 Essentials - Foundations of the new Internet Protocol

IPv6 Essentials Foundations of the new Internet Protocol
Learn what IPv6 is all about, what’s new and how to use it. Ven­dor inde­pen­dent, inter­dis­ci­pli­nary Video on Demand class from the expert!

Table of Con­tents

IPv6 Essen­tials — Foun­da­tions of the new Inter­net Pro­to­col — Video on Demand Course

IPv6 Act Now

IPv6 is not only the future of net­work­ing, it is already here today! All the big play­ers on the Inter­net are already IPv6 enabled and it is now time for you to join the par­ty!

Apart from the Inter­net, all oth­er net­works – from cor­po­rate to your home net­work – also run IP and are affect­ed by the change that is hap­pen­ing right now as you read this!

This IPv6 Video Course cov­ers all major aspects of the new Inter­net Pro­to­col and what changed, com­pared to IPv4. You will under­stand the fun­da­men­tals and be ahead of your peers that are still on the sink­ing ship of IPv4! As of today, there are no IPv4 address­es left and we have no oth­er option but to go ahead and deploy IPv6.

Your train­er (me!) has 20 years of expe­ri­ence deploy­ing, engi­neer­ing and run­ning IPv6 and you will direct­ly ben­e­fit from this!

The IPv6 course is divid­ed into 8 top­ics and spans over 31 videos with a com­bined length of more than 2 hours. Addi­tion­al­ly over 50 PDF doc­u­ments for quick ref­er­ence and review are pro­vid­ed for your con­ve­nience.

The length of the train­ing is opti­mised for a quick look into IPv6, cov­er­ing every­thing you need to know and with­out get­ting too much into details that you don’t need to know today.

Enjoy – and wel­come to the future of net­work­ing!

Sign up for my IPv6 Video on Demand course IPv6 Essen­tials — Foun­da­tions of the new Inter­net Pro­to­col on Ude­my.

If Read­ing is more your thing or you are on a Bud­get… Check out my oth­er IPv6 Course

writ­ten ver­sion of this course is also avail­able on this blog for free todayIPv6 Foun­da­tion – Free & Com­plete: The Orig­i­nal Mas­ter Class

More infor­ma­tion on IPv6

In my Ger­man arti­cle Wie bekommt man IPv6 Adressen I describe the dif­fer­ent approach­es on how to obtain your own IPv6 address space. There are mul­ti­ple options, from using your Provider’s PA-Space, get­ting Provider Inde­pen­dent IPv6 (IPv6 PI Space) and becom­ing your own Local Inter­net Reg­istry (LIR) and being your own Inter­net Ser­vice Provider (ISP).

IPv6 Certified

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